From Germany to Spain by bicycle

... from the South of Germany to the South of France ...

... Tournon-sur-Rhone (Avril 2016)



I am from Southern Germany. Since a long time I thought about taking the bicycle and getting South. Tried to do it with a racing bike. That s why i needed a trailer to take my luggage. Wanted to take a tent with me. A Quechua You can set up in 5 min. Not possible, because it broke squeezed on the trailer. So I ended up taking the Biwak tent. There are some fotographs. A Biwak tent is a lot smaller. The big advantage is that it can be protected a lot better against heavy rain showers.
In Summer, I didn t need a tent : Quite fine a quiet place during the night. But there were thunderstorms, and heavy showers very night. When I continued my trip in November, it was quite cold. It was raining less often. Now not so important having a cover against rain. The sleeping bag has to stand low temperatures and is quite heavy.

I have made several trips (right now I left 3 times), and for each trip you can see the photographs and the track (GPX format, possible to download it) - for each trip there is also a bike lane. For the first one it is the Rheintalradweg which goes along the Rhine, then via Rhin Rhone, which goes to the Saone, then the Voie Bleue along the Saone, finally the via Rhona all along the Rhone.


1. Towards France



2. Towards La Saone



3. From Tournus to Tournon-sur-Rhone



4. From Tournon-sur-Rhone along the coast to the French Spanish Border