About me – English

I’m German, that means, I’m Swabe, coming from a little village :

The town nearby

The local newspaper :

For a long time the only way to stay in touch with Germany has been the radio station …

Maybe you wonder what people are doing there … If you’ve got headaches, take some pills made by (Boehringer Ingelheim). They might be healthy for you … You’ve got toothaches ? Sit in a chair made by KAVO, and the dentist will help you … You’ve got no home … Construction engines of LIEBHERR can build it for you …

What I like to do ? ..

My work experience is mainly IT support : In German, French, Spanish and English …

And maybe teaching … in France I have been working as a German teacher for some years (a part time job, spent much more time travelling to the language school than teaching)

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