Arduino Nano : Cannot upload code

Quite common that could not upload code to my Arduino Nano. Uno, Mega no problem. So could not be an issue with the USB ports. Tried out different Arduino IDE versions. Different operating systems/versions. Still not possible to upload code. Finally found out that the reason was that upload requires the old bootloader. Most of the Arduino Nano s (at least the ones that I own) do not use the standard bootloader. I saw old bootloaders are required for …

WCHCH340G AMS1117 5.0 H947MK
CH3400 AMS1117 ATMEL M328 P

HDD enclosures Wavlink ./. Orico. HDD 2,5 ” Recycling

I did already buy some Orico products and have been quite happy with them.

For some reason, when I needed a HDD enclosure for my old HDD (taken out of my broken Lenovo Ideapad S10) I bought a Wavlink enclosure. Maybe because Wavlink was promising that it were working with all SATA types … SATA I/II/III. Orico publishes less information.

Reason for doing this is that I like to reuse the harddisks. Already did have some problems accessing the MicroSD card on my Raspberry and now trying to save data on an external HDD.

I do have a HDD SATA adapter as well, but an enclosure is more beautiful than leaving the HDD with an adapter on the office desk .

However, when the Wavlink enclosure has been shipped, I saw that there was no access to the data. So this enclosure was quite useless.

The solution to this problem was ordering an Orico encloser, which, in fact was working.

Zweiweg Festplatten Adapter IDE <-> SATA – So funktioniert er

Da dem bei Ebay gekauften Adapter keinerlei Bedienungsanleitung beilag, habe ich ihn getestet und mit dieser Konfiguration wurde die IDE Festplatte an einem SATA Anschluss erkannt.  Das SATA Kabel ist bei einer IDE Festplatte links Seitens der Stromkabel angebracht.